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What Makes Us Happy? – The Atlantic (June 2009)

You need Doug Winfield | Facebook – Doug is a social media expert who is promoting himself to prospective employers leveraging social media. Check it out!

RTÉ Business: Santander to scrap British brands

74% of Employees Agree Their Social Media Antics Can Ruin Your Company’s Reputation

Turkey has Seventh Largest and Most Engaged Online Audience in Europe – comScore, Inc – UK has highest proportion online and most engaged audiences

People Over 55 Are Quitting Facebook

10 Ways to Diagnose a Google Penalty

DoCoMo and Telefonica in handset pact that could pressurize Vodafone – Rethink Wireless

Android race heats up, but Sony Ericsson will wait for release 2.0 – Rethink Wireless – Windows Mobile not a great success apparently

You ask, they answer: Neals Yard Remedies | – some savage comments in here, the silence is deafening

Communities Dominate Brands: Beyond demographics, how marketing will use mobile to collect better insights

Round. The world. Connected. with Adrian Simpson  – really nice Nokia Siemens Networks site: telling really powerful digital stories about connected lives.

SPINNING AROUND : T-MOBILE: THE FATAL FLAW – interesting comments here about T-Mobile’s ad campaigns. The debate adds immensely to James’ original posting: good stuff here.

The inside-out guide to designing a website | Blog | Econsultancy

300+ tips for e-commerce professionals | Blog | Econsultancy

LUXURY IN CHINA: Get Rich Is Glorious – really good presentation on luxury brands in China

In South Korea, All of Life Is Mobile –

Introduction to Twitter – Jonny Rosemont’s introduction to Twitter deck

Negative ads may not be nice, but they work | Blog | Econsultancy

Marketing: when the government gets it oh-so wrong | Blog | Econsultancy

Porsche on the financial brink – Telegraph – karmic payback for the way Porsche borked investment bankers with last years ‘short squeeze

Augmented Reality: Fad or future? | Blog | Econsultancy

The Pitch HK: Langham’s accidental orientalism – PR fail by Hong Kong’s best known hotel chain

msearchgroove » One Mobile Search To Rule Them All? GyPSii CEO Dan Harple Talks Location Services, Open APIs & Cool New Ways To Record/Search The Real World On The Move