The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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In this edition of The Good, The Bad and the Ugly we have super hero films that sucked and deserve a new remake, mobile phone price plan options and Asian cuisine in London:

The Punisher – Hollywood has taken three runs at The Punisher and still hasn’t got it right. The first Punisher was Dolph Lungren who had the physicality of the character, but was let down by a poor script.The second version couldn’t even be saved by John Trovolta as a bad guy and made Battlefield Earth look like a quality film.The third iteration came out whilst the corpse of the second film was still warm. Not even the acting talent of Ray Stevenson could save it. Despite this The Punisher should be the easiest of the three films to get right. I live in hope.Howard The Duck – George Lucas tried to bring counterculture comic book hero Howard the Duck to the big screen.Values and the plot were compromised along the way (not that Lucas has very been strong on character-development and plots).Film-making technology has come a long way since then. And Tarantino proved that audiences could take a lot more this time around, Howard deserves another chance.The Watchmen – Whilst a brave and valiant effort, the Watchmen was too much graphic novel to try and squeeze into one film, even if it does take a backside-numbing three hours.Visually it matches Moore and Gibbons vision, but it ultimately falls down due to the lack of depth in the storytelling – the essence of Moore’s work. Where is the pirate ship, the clock motif and the grittiness of the original?
Vodafone:Passport – hoping that enlightened roaming fees will cause them to revisit their previously criminal pricing. And they will have the Nokia N97 when it lands in the UK.Orange – I like the brand but don’t like the pricing structure.3 UK – for icing Three like Home, in my eyes their USP. I can’t get reception in my home with them and they have the most appalling customer services, in comparison to other carriers.
Korean food – London has had a boom in Korean food over the past few years, particularly around the British Museum and Centrepoint. It makes a pleasant addition to the world of food in LondonJapanese food – you know that a cuisine has been absorbed into the British palette when you can get a (bad) version of its signature dish from Marks & Spencers. The problem with British Japanese cooking is that most of it is no good.Vietnamese food – unfortunately most Londoners palates (myself included) tend to mix up Vietnamese food with Thai.Whilst there are some good restaurants in Stoke Newington, Vietnamese cuisine has yet to get the popularity it deserves.