I like: Marushin X-Moto Squadron helmet

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The romance of the open road used to be Steve McQueen, but for Gen-Y it is more likely to be something like the Wipeout game series.


Speed cameras, calming measures, poorly fitted manhole covers and traffic congestion has largely taken the romance out of going fast (at least in the UK).


But that doesn’t mean that you can’t at least look the part, even if the reality is somewhat different. The Marushin X-Moto Squadron helmet looks like it could have come from a mood board by tDR (the Designer’s Republic). The futuristic shape of the helmet and the graphic design that have been lifted from a Vietnam-era fighter jet allows the wear to think that they are the pilot in a computer game: merging the real-life with your cyber-life.

Slap Fluke’s Atom Bomb on the iPod and you are ready to roll.