Links of the day

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SMX London – Converting Paid Traffic & Search Engine Stats

Going – US version like dontstayin

Hemlock – interesting new web development environment

#ukhols Map – cool Vodafone google mash-up

M.insight: A Mobile App for PR Folks, Marketers (and You Too!)

Facebook Vanity URLs – How to Get a Username for your Facebook Profile That You Want

Facebook | Preventing the Registration of a Username

goo labs – labs from a Japanese search engine, some cool stuff there / UK – Net-a-Porter demonstrates strength of business model as profits treble

Don’t have a smartphone – you’re a chump

Lifehacker – Make Your Brown Bag Lunch More Appealing – brown bag

滔滔-首页 – taotao – Twitter for the PRC

The Future of Media is much like its Past – broadstuff

» Search engine visibility white paper sixtysecondview: Sixty second interviews from pr, media and politics

apophenia: gender gap in perception of computer science

Survey Says: Web Video Watchers Aren’t Pirates. But They May Be Ready to Cut the Cable Cord | Peter Kafka | MediaMemo | AllThingsD

FeverBee: 10 Excellent Rewards You Can Offer Members That Don’t Cost A Penny