Care & feeding of the press

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When I started agency-side in PR, a journalist-penned guide to PR interaction called The care and feeding of the media used to get sent around the agency that I worked at. Given this was relatively early days in the modern internet, you have to forgive that it was written from the perspective of the technology journalist; however the content is largely as relevant for journalists covering other areas as well.

I thought I would share it when I saw Econsultancy’s guide to utilsing social media for the care and feeding of news journalists. There are lots of good stuff in here which shows why social media is important even for journalists working on traditional publications and the importance of getting the basics like the press room right. My current gold standard press room is Orange UK’s media site polished into shape by Poke London.

Service is likely to be disrupted for a few days whilst I am out on client work and speaking at a conference in the darkest Home Counties ^_^ , however I will remedy this lack of output on Friday. Until then occupy yourselves by watching this fantastic Puppy Cam.

Archived from blog posts I wrote for PR Week