Notes I made reading Text 100’s Global Blogger Survey

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Jordan Stone was good enough to send me a link to the materials from Text 100’s Global Blogger  Survey, as I went through it I made notes of the stuff I found of most interest. That isn’t to say that the whole report isn’t of interest, just that this is what I do day-in, day-out so much of it was nice that it affirmed what I knew but wasn’t ‘new, new’ concepts for me.

Social media releases:

  • Asia leads the way in terms of adoption with US bloggers lagging well behind
  • Bloggers generally will use imagery linked to a social media release but are not that interested in video or audio. Not terribly surprised by the AV aspect of things. Getting video to work across different blogging platforms is tricky and then there is the attention required to watch video in comparison to scanning a document – especially when you are fitting blogging around an already full life. I’ve said for a long time that pictures and infographics have been undervalued for a long time.

Sources of information:

  • Given that the New York Times Online is the most linked to site in the English language blogosphere I was surprised to see how far down in terms of importance that mainstream media came as a source of information for bloggers
  • This was especially surprising given the politics was an area that few if any of the bloggers surveyed wrote about according to data elsewhere in the presentation, so there was likely to be less ‘trust’ issues with the media, particularly amongst APAC respondents