Comment box 2.0

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Following on from a post that I wrote the other week which seemed to touch a nerve about the evolution of blogging, I realised that it was discussed very much from the viewpoint of the content creator. But blogging is as much about the audience, so I started thinking about things from their side.

What lifestreams and content piped through via API do is extend and fragment the comment box. Whereas three years ago comments on my blog posts would appear in three likely places:

  • On my blog
  • As a back link to my blog
  • As an email to the address that I have especially for my blog

Now things are more complicated as comments appear:

  • On my blog
  • As a backlink to my blog
  • An email
  • As a Facebook status response
  • On Twitter, as a public message, retweet or as a DM
  • On Plurk as a message
  • On
  • Through LinkedIn
  • On FriendFeed

This means that conversations become so fragmented that a dialogue is much harder to build. It also disrupts the context of a post and any subsequent feedback.