Event: Mobile Monday London – mobile entertainment part one

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I got to go along to Mobile Monday for the first time in ages. This evenings event was about mobile entertainment and I had a few pages of mind maps based on the content I got from the presentation and panel discussion. I will get these scanned in, posted up and commented on over the next few days.

Mobile Monday London: Mobile Entertainment

In the networking bits of the event I got to see:

  • Alfie Dennen whom I hadn’t caught up with in a good while
  • Daniel Appelquist of Vodafone who as well as helping to run Mobile Monday London is also organising an event on September 25 – 26 called Over The Air. It will involve programming, art, mobile, presentations etc
  • My former colleague Mark Barlow who used to work at Yahoo! in the search business is now over at Flirtomatic and seems to be doing very well indeed
  • David Murphy, editor of Mobile Marketing chaired one of the panel sessions and it was good to catch up with him. I hadn’t seen him since we both spoke at the last Mobile Youth conference last year
  • Wes Biggs of mobile advertising company Adfonic