Event: Mobile Monday London – mobile entertainment part two

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Following on from my introductory post last night here is the notes that I had made from the presentation by GetJar’s Patrick Mork  and the subsequent panel discussion. I have scanned in my original notes showing linkages etc which I thought may be more useful than re-writing them in a more linear manner.

Patrick Mork

Mobile Monday London notes part one

Patrick talked a bit about the GetJar business including the business model. This presentation then set up the debate in the panel around:

  • Which is better applications or web short cuts?
  • How do you make money?

J2ME was still the pre-eminent platform of choice for downloads at the moment as GetJar caters for 1,500 different models of handset worldwide.

Panel Discussion

The panel moderated by David Murphy of Mobile Marketing magazine was Daniel Appelquist – Vodafone, Patrick Mork – GetJar, Andreas Constantinou – Vision Mobile, Joachim Hoffman – Fjord and Mark Curtis – Flirtomatic.

Mobile Monday London notes part two

Flirtomatic was held up as an example of a successful mobile entertainment business and Mark Curtis explained about their business in a bit more depth.

Mobile Monday London notes part three

Panelists discussing the future of mobile entertainment focused largely on technological change when talking about the future of mobile entertainment. Reposted on my work blog: dot comms.