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Korean Sociological Image #14: How And Why Koreans Became The World’s Biggest Consumers « The Grand Narrative

Reputation and trust in online gaming – eGaming Review – Jake Pollard’s write-up from the Reputation Matters event

Red Beard on MySpace Music – my friend Keith’s band

The race to the bottom of Free! – broadstuff interesting take on a guest post at Techcrunch: The Little Secret of Web Startups

fifty 5 an adam j. schokora production » e-magazines in china

Daring Fireball: Microsoft’s Long, Slow Decline – not sure that it is a long slow decline. Microsoft has moved to being a value company like GE or Caterpillar rather than being a growth company like Google. Apple has always positioned itself as a popular but premium product company. Discussions around the Daring Fireball post over at Hack News flagged lots of interesting points both for and against.

Conversationage : Random Internet memes in China

Personal Tech: Take Back the Beep Campaign – David Pogue complains about the canned voicemail messages that we’re forced to hear by carriers

Why Social Network Engagement is About Conversations

Questions On the Yahoo Bing Deal – John Battelle’s Searchblog – Battelle on the Yahoo! Microsoft train wreck

Why Do You Tweet?

The World According to Google

George F. Colony’s Blog: The Counterintuitive CEO: Goodbye Blackberry

Richard Edelman: The New Stakeholder Society

How the Old, the Young and Everyone in Between Uses Social Networks – eMarketer

Sorry, Microsoft Will Not “Own 30% Of The Search Market” (MSFT, GOOG)

Susie Bubble Interview Style Bubble – Lifestyle Asia Fashion