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Tablets are Toys (Not Mainstream Machines) – ReadWriteEnterprise

An open letter to Sam Sethi, on the occasion of him completely losing his mind – Paul Carr lifting the lid on the Arrington | Sethi spat

» What’s With Technorati? sixtysecondview

Ovi: Get your Ovi Files Connector for Mac OS

Nice stats collated by Paul Armstrong

Google Wins Against Yahoo-Microsoft Tag Team, Analyst Says – Deal Journal – WSJ

Measuring What Matters in Inbound Marketing |  – handy set of diagnostic tools for most web properties

Cluetrain – as a PowerPoint deck, thanks to my colleague Becky for this gem

You Can’t Innovate Like Apple — World’s Most Popular Product Management Training by Pragmatic Marketing

Test Drive My Job::London-Based Digital PR Strategist Ged Carroll – interview that I did with US-based blog Mopwater PR & Media Notes

How Does China Compare To Europe And The U.S. In Innovation?

For Companies, a Tweet in Time Can Avert PR Mess | Sarah E. Needleman | Voices | AllThingsD

Co-opting Viral Hits to Sell More Music – PSFK – great case study