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Live From Yahoo’s “What Matters Most” Event – lemonade from lemons.

Dj Lounge – cool radio stations

Yahoo’s New Search Clothes — But Will It Help? (Probably Not) / Technology – Yahoo renews vow to fight Microsoft – yeah right. Bartz has already put the white flag up the pole in Sunnyvale with the search deal and her comments about the Yahoo! China deal. – IBM’s Power7 heats up server competition at Hot Chips – where IBM goes today with the Power-series, PCs will go tomorrow. Parallel processing is here to stay

TelecomTV | News | SpinVox Saga: Annual losses up by 30 per cent and £30 million in debt to be repaid in December

Search Engine Rivals: Bing vs. Google – TIME

Are brand advertisers dwelling on the wrong metric? | Blog | Econsultancy

Using a Mac on the Corporate Windows-only Network – A Guide for Macbook Users

Dunbar’s Number and the Future of Communications

Say what you like about the Google Books Kool-Aid, but it tastes much better than Microsoft’s sour grapes

FeverBee: Personal Invitations

Which Social Media Channels Should You Be Using? – nice easy guide

Ravers hit Facebook for 1990s club revivals – Times Online