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I was browsing the Stussy website as I have been a long-time fan of Stüssy streetwear (not to be mistaken with the new adventures of Shawn Stüssy as S Double, who left the business a long time ago). Some seasons their designs have gotten a bit tired but overall I have come back because they turn out quality clobber I like.

However, over the past two years the brand has progressively made it harder for European consumers such as me to get hold of their gear. They closed down their London chapter store and sold a limited range through a Stussy website based out of Germany. The Gimme5 pranksters at The Hideout Store sell a very limited selection of the Stüssy range alongside a plethora of other streetwear brands.

Now it seems that they’ve closed down the German Stussy website  and flipped both the and URIs back to their North American site The Stüssy site has a fancy flash interface with audio and video. The audio was labeled MP3s, but there’s no download love going on – a bit of mislabeling but no biggie. I even found a blog with dodgy navigation and an RSS feed which I couldn’t subscribe to.

Stussy website FAIL

Ok, this is maybe just for brand consistency so I read the shipping instructions, yes they still ship to Europe. Your gear would come via UPS. The cost seemed reasonable and I wasn’t that suspicious when the prices were in US dollars – how they do this is their business.

Stussy website FAIL

I selected seven items and went to the check out only to find that it would only allow US and Canadian billing addresses.

I was a little disappointed (yep, that’s an understatement):

  • If you don’t want business from customers in Europe, be up front about it instead of dicking us about. Put up a splash screen explaining this on the European domains you own
  • If this is a temporary thing, before you let us all back into the International Stüssy Tribe again, tell us, better still do a blog and keep us updated with developments. There’s a really good style-and-design orientated blog here if you want tips on how to write one
  • If you are going to spend a fortune on a web site get the user experience as well as the fancy Flash interface right

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