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People of Walmart – this explains sooooo much

The Great Debate » Sun software is the tail wagging the dog

Customer Experience Matrix: Show Me the Numbers: Hard Data on Internet Use and Media Spend

DSGi staff attack customers on Facebook, sleep with them on MySpace | BitterWallet – my favourite insult from the quality material here is “go fuck yourself you hardfisted, smallwalleted, annoying, iggnorant [sic] tightfisted fucktard.” Aimed at a customer who asked for a discount

10 free tools to help you create online presentations | Blog | Econsultancy

fifty 5 | microblogging after the death of twitter & fanfou

YouTube – TomoyoshiJoko’s Channel – amazingly cool animation from Japan

Kintiskton, or the story of the copyright vigilantes

What Wikipedia’s new flagged revisions system actually means – Boing Boing

Google Android: The party is over | Developer World – InfoWorld

POP vs. LOVE | VICE FASHION BLOG – I love this take on the UK’s latest style magazines