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CHART OF THE DAY: Breaking Down The Advertising Apocalypse – B2B marketing is at ground zero. All you people in business-orientated PR sectors like technology: be afraid if you are not running integrated digital programmes already. Your spend may be safe, but where are you going to get coverage? – “TRANSPARENCY TRIUMPH”

White Paper: Engaging the New Influencers – Steve Rubel

German Vogue anniversary edition = 732 page, that’s 2 kilos of fashion fun, folks! | Press Gazette

Lesson learned – Paul Carr – interesting content in here about Telegraph blogging traffic. Makes me wonder about how well mainstream media will do, especially as the Telegraph is a good example of them doing a lot of the right things

Garlinghouse Is Back—And AOL’s Got Him | paidContent – not sure if this is a good move for AOL, Garlinghouse knows messaging services but wasn’t transformational at Yahoo!

phone applications and real people :: Influxinsights

Mintel highlights global consumer trends | Fast Casual Trends

SEO “Best Practices” Are Bunk

In Japan and Korea, consumers embrace social technology faster than marketers

Can Google Ever Provide “Exactly The Right Answer”? – it reminds me of Jeff Weiner’s (now CEO of LinkedIn) lofty expectations for knowledge search. You have to dream big to achieve big

Windows7sins: FSF launches campaign against Windows 7 and proprietary software – Free Software Foundation

Investors unhappy as Yahoo boss Bartz earns $2m from share sales

Trends in Japan » Tokyo Girls Collection Fall 2009 – great article on the brand diversification strategy of Tokyo Girls Collection. Their last event attracted over 23,000 in-person attendees. Interesting the way that they have expanded into health & wellness.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp launches global service to link all its outlets

What is the point of Technorati these days? – broadstuff