London: George Lee

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I work near Tottenham Court Road tube station and pass a number of Chinese businesses on the way to, and from work. Early this summer I saw an intriguing poster which stood out from the handwritten notices usually stuck in the shop windows. It was a teaser poster that screamed viral campaign and made me keep an eye out for further clues as to who is George Lee?

Who is George Lee?

Eventually, I had the beginning of an answer: a face, a slogan ‘we can change tomorrow’ echoing Barack Obama’s ‘HOPE’ campaign and a

I am George Lee

George Lee is the prospective conservative candidate for the constituency of Holborn & St Pancras in central London. Clicking through to his website reveals a clean modern design, though the multi-lingual user experience for Chinese and Bengali readers could do with a bit of work.

Mr Lee’s background in management consultancy and working in the telecoms industry has ensured that he also enabled communications via a mobile phone with his constituents. Along the side of the site are links to a plethora of social media platforms. Its here were Mr Lee’s campaign falls down, the Twitter account and Facebook account don’t seem to engage in a conversation with constituents and the LinkedIn profile didn’t seem to work at all when I first checked, but seemed to be fixed again now. Social media isn’t easy, but it is good to see it being embraced as part of the political process.