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Microsoft Loses A Key Silverlight Client; Upgrades To Flash | paidContent:UK – why on earth did Microsoft do Silverlight in the first place? Ok, I know now, but its absolutely shockingly bad

I, Cringely » Blog Archive » Logan’s Run – IBM’s plan to use Jeff Weiner’s knowledge search vision to screw over experienced workers

Understanding Users of Social Networks — HBS Working Knowledge

Stunned film, music sectors react to Veoh decision | Digital Media – CNET News

Lane Crawford – my second favourite department store in the world. SOGO in Wan Chai, Hong Kong only beat it out due to the splendid tofu curry that they serve in the basement canteen. Lane Crawford however is more stlylish than a Paris catwalk

Social Networking Watch: Veoh Not Liable For Pirated Video

Communacopia: Murdoch: We’ll Start Charging For WSJ Mobile Apps » SHIFT HAPPENS – new video

Adobe Buys Omniture For $1.8 Billion | mocoNews – this turns Adobe from a creation powerhouse to a marketing powerhouse right the way through the marketing process. Smaller players like smartFOCUS and Alterian need to be very, very scared

Diffusion in PR « Much ado about nowt – good food for thought here by Mr Hoang. Adoption curves and communications

One in Five Tweets is Brand-Related

MEDIA deluge – Social Media, MSM Engagement – Twitter Usage and Demographics

TC50 Backstage: What Exactly Does Bradley Horowitz Do at Google? – good to hear from Bradley Horowitz, together with Joshua Schachter he was the favourite personality I got to put in front of the media at Yahoo!. Sarah Lacy comes off like a bit of a frigtard with her opening question.

India (Hearts) Google … Brazil (Hearts) It, Too

Daring Fireball Linked List: Translation From PR-Speak to English of Zune Marketing Manager Brian Seitz’s Response to the Question of Whether the Zune Will ‘Open Up for Third-Party App Developers’ – almost choked when I laughed at this one

Seth’s Blog: The problem with non – much of what’s said here fits many government organisations as well

Google Fast Flip – experiment in serving up content for casual web surfers

Social media market heats up @ NixonMcInnes via our Becky