Smartphone or netbook?

Apple put the boot into the netbook during its launch of the new iPhone | iPod range in September. The implication is that netbooks are too big.

netbook vs smartphone comparison

However cellphones generally have input problems. The iPhone touchscreen is not as conducive to productivity as a proper keyboard to touch type on.

And so it goes round, which one do you think: smartphone or netbook?

3 Replies to “Smartphone or netbook?”

  1. Don’t think that we have heard the end of Apple’s thoughts on one handed internet devices. Thought that the event to refresh the iPod was underdone and but for the return of Jobs many would have asked “where’s the beef?”

    I feel that we may yet see a touch based device that is A5 in size that is intended to be used as a netbook rather than a phone. Just an opinion but seems like the device with which Jobs can depart in triumph having shown that the Newton was not a mistake but rather ahead of its time.

  2. Depends on whether you want to carry a bag.

    If you are, you might as well go proper laptop rather than netbook, if you’re not – got to be a smartphone every time. Because lets face it, you’re never going to carry a netbook without a bag so why not do the job properly and take a proper laptop, with larger screen and more functionality?

    Personally, I’ve found the iPhone keyboard gets better to use with a bit of practice (but it does with any new phone for me).

    I think if you’re going to do proper work (rather than send a few emails) then you shouldn’t be using a smartphone (or even a limp netbook) you should be using a laptop. It’s really ‘horses for courses’.

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