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Did Bing’s Growth Spurt Come to a Halt in September? – I hope so, its just not a worthy competitor to Google in terms of relevance, freshness and comprehensiveness of the index by the looks of the SERPs that I’ve seen so far.

McClure’s Asia Music News | Who breaks Madame Butterfly on a wheel? – interesting take on the Noriko Sakai media furore in Japan. The small amount of drug on which the charges were based means that most Londoners with used notes could quite easily go down for cocaine possession due to residue from previous owners.

Cartier drops prices to woo young | The Japan Times Online – interesting move. I remember Armani doing a similar kind of thing with Armani Xchange in the early 1990s, it will be interesting to see the effect that it may have on the Cartier brand

Is Palm Driving Developers Underground? | TechWatch | Fast Company

GM ends car sales pilot with eBay | Digital Media – CNET News – really interested that non-direct sales couldn’t be inferred from internet data in this pilot programme