There’s something rotten in Mobile Media Town

I have been thinking a lot about mobile devices recently. The media companies don’t get it.

I could wax lyrical on how media companies don’t get mobile, other than repackaging content with minimal consideration for the form, for example the new U2 application on the Blackberry, but this tweet from Joshua Schacter seemed to sum the whole thing up much better than I could.

Twitter - joshua schachter- dear publishers- stop maki ... (20090921)

So where do we go from here?

2 Replies to “There’s something rotten in Mobile Media Town”

  1. Ged what are you expecting from mobile media?

    Recent experiments that have seen me carry nine mobile phones showed that the biggest problem is that rather than converge on a single device to many a diverging. Looking at the people I commute into London with I see at least half of them are using two mobile phones and a significant number are using connected laptops.

    At the other end of the spectrum I am coming across a number of people who are refusing to use mobile data services for them the handset is about text, talk and snaps. They have no wish to email or browse on their handset. This group is large enough to resist the smartphone.

    If I were a media company and I create a new mobile centric product would you pay for it? It may not be in money it could be in better information about you and an agreement that you will take adverts from third parties based on that information.

    How many of your clients understand mobile and have developed a product for handsets?

  2. But there is no point in doing something if it takes away from their brand, if consumers wouldn’t find it useful or interesting which is why we’ve been very circumspect with regards mobile.

    We can do it, it depends on the right strong idea, the right budget and a strong level of utility for the perspective audience.

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