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Proving the ROI of social media

This shouldn’t be the image of Hack Day or as the Yahoo! advertising campaign would put it: the Internet is under new management. It’s LarrY! Flint. And even the mainstream media gets in on the act: Lap Dances at Yahoo’s Hack Days? | Fast Company

How Apple Sets Smartphone Industry Pricing — Seeking Alpha

Big Pharma and Google Sidewiki: A Sink or Swim Situation? – Advertising Age – DigitalNext

THE AMERICAN LIST « A Continuous Lean.

Microsoft’s Future, Beyond Windows 7 and the PC – – I can’t believe that the New York Times published this piece on Microsoft. Waggener Edstrom and Frank Shaw must have hit the roof when it came out. The mantra for Microsoft as a client is no surprises, I would be surprised if anyone walked willingly into this piece which eviscerates the corporate reputation

Benjamin Ellis interviews #smib09 – phone interview that I did in the run up to Social Media in Business conference discussing the role of intent as the new demographic

The Next Asia – interesting talk by Stephen Roach on how Asia needs to move from being an exporter to having vibrant internal markets as well – Nokia finally wakes up — to unrelenting rivalry

Nokia comes with music bombs – The Inquirer – the numbers on these are unbelieveably low. Interesting that the UK was the most successful market
Hollywood Studios to Movie Stars: Stop using Twitter

Feature: State of the Blogosphere 2009 – Technorati

The 7 deadly sins of Windows 7 – tongue-in-chief critique of Windows 7 with some good factoids embedded

Waveboard: Google Wave Client for Mac and iPhone is Coming

metaquark » AppFresh – simple but great idea. Software Updater for the rest of your applications