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The Future of the Social Web – interesting to see how many of the ideas which were being kicked around by Yahoo! are now being turning into reality by its competitors

Apple ad bombing Windows 7 on Google

Why the Media Is Taking So Long to Die

Scan Your Business Cards On The Go With Business Card Reader

Are You Using People-like-them?

Behind Closed Doors: What’s On the Mind Of Chief Marketing Officers « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing

Yahoo’s Yodel Anecdotal Blogger Will Not Be Yodeling Anymore | AllThingsD – the departure of Nicki Duggan is a real loss. I got to meet Nicki during my time at Yahoo! and her handling of the Microsoft hostile bid on the Yodel Anecdotal blog won a lot of praise from social media and PR experts.

Symposium hears of new ‘pan-Asian’ trend | The Japan Times Online – interesting takes on Japan

Hacking with Style: TrueType VT220 Font – I remember this font from my time at Corning Optical Fibres using the plant DEC VAX which provided my first email account

Farewell N-Gage – Nokia to shutter gaming service – retreat to Ovi, online elements of gaming will stop working at the end of 2010. Trying to put lipstick on the pig of a gaming product. Bit of a shambles all round.

Government will produce model contracts to govern copyright transactions | Pinsent Masons LLP

Communities Dominate Brands: A few big numbers now confirmed – 1.2 B mobile web users, 100 B dollars SMS and 3 B SMS users

China’s growing addiction: online farming games | VentureBeat