Loss of experience

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For Londoners, one of the things that you learn about over time is Deliverance. Deliverance is a restaurant service which delivers good quality food to homes and businesses in the central London area. Its ideal if you are working late or just need casual catering with friends around.

Their website is a good friend to many people that I know. I’d go as far as to say that you know you have become a Londoner when you’ve ordered from Deliverance. It recently had a site redesign and the majority of the changes were welcome, a new navigation and a more contemporary style. However one of the changes left us with a loss of a well-loved friend.

One of the key elements of the site is what I call the ‘deliver-o-meter’ which shows where your order currently is.

deliverance deliverometer

The new design reminded me of the weather display we used have at primary school, each week one of use would take it in turns to move the arrow to the appropriate weather.

Old deliverance deliverometer

The previous design had much more of a classy steam-punk feel like a device in a H.G. Wells story.