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Hitwise Intelligence – The rise and rise of social networks – good datapoints and insight here on the progress that social networks are making.

PHP Founder Rasmus Lerdorf Leaves Yahoo

Top analyst blogs (coming soon) « Technobabble 2.0

About the Ad Age Power 150 – Advertising Age / Asia-Pacific – China economic recovery accelerates

Web 2.0 Asia :: Samsung Bada is Yet Another Mobile Platform – does anyone really feel that excited by Samsung’s new development platform? And does this leave Symbian in the gutter?

UNL | Media Hub | Shouting Across the Chasm: Chinese and American Netizens Clash in Cyberspace – really interesting video on western attitudes to China online

ECO 2.0: Re-use boxes and track them by QR-code « CyberMedia Blog

Apple Leapfrogs Nokia as World’s #1 Handset Maker | TechWatch | Fast Company

Yahoo’s Latest Pitch To Investors | paidContent

Google Makes Two Ranking Changes Per Day – The Steve Rubel Lifestream

Libel law reform campaigners seek £10,000 damages cap | Pinsent Masons LLP / World / Comment – Washington adapts to eastwards power shift

Yahoo On China’s ‘Vulgar Content’ List – China Real Time Report – WSJ

Larry Fink says we’re already dealing with too-big-to-fail

Study: Drug ads drive side-effect worries (Dealscape – M&A)

Hopenhagen – nicely designed climate change campaigning site. Good ideas in terms of the user experience

40% of People “Friend” Brands on Facebook

64% of people still buy CDs!

Evolution: The Eight Stages Of Listening « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang

Contagious News: new Under Armour site adjusts to locally reported temperature – smart bit of work on contextualising the user experience

CoTweet Goes Enterprise and Starts Charging $1500 Per Month – Twitter as a customer service channel goes respectable.

BIG IDEAS ARE SMALL, DESIGN BARCODE. デザインバーコード – the experts in using barcodes creatively in graphic and packaging design

Consent will be required for cookies in Europe | Pinsent Masons LLP – this is crazy talk. By the way if anybody is looking for a stone-cold metrics person to manage big digital marketing campaigns let me know as a good friend of mine is about to come on the market 

Augmented Reality Is Both a Fad and the Future – Here’s Why | Fast Company

300 examples of social media marketing  – handy reference list, I use it as an aide memoire for pulling together training slides

Formatmag are looking for free writers or as they diplomatically put it ‘portfolio-building’ writers with an interest in urban culture and design.