Links of the day

how to use Social Media like a Rockstar | blankanvas – Ogilvy’s Patricia Law gives a good list of various monitoring and measuring tools during a lecture in Singapore. Its nice to see a deck like this as there is usually one or more tools that you’d previously ignored or hadn’t heard of before to go and look into

How reputation could save the Earth – opinion – 15 November 2009 – New Scientist – at first when I read this headline I thought someone in corporate communications had been going full belt at the magic mushrooms again. Instead the concept is a kind of green whuffie

Can D.I.Y. Supplant the First-Person Shooter? –

Yahoo! Youreka! – interesting online treasure hunt from Singapore

Employees are the brand –

Official Google Blog: Google Sidewiki: The first 50 days of valuable entries and new API features – good news and ideas on Sidewiki here.

Google Eases Retrieval of Sidewiki Entries for Entire Sites | WebProNews

How to disinfect the Apple internal or external keyboard, trackpad, and mouse – more H1N1 instructions, this time from Apple

Is Your Company Trusted or Do You Have a Digital Comb Over? « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing  – I love the image of a digital combover immediately thought of a pixelated Bobby Charlton

Memphis movement – Design/Designer Information – crazy design from the 1980s.

Communities Dominate Brands: Celebrating 30 Years of Mobile Phones, Thank You NTT of Japan