Links of the day

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Zach Cordner photography – I found this via Steven Vogel of The Wild International and Black Lodges fame. Amazing pictures of a Japan that is more Venice Beach than technopolis

Playdar – Music Content Resolver – from RJ who brought you the audioscrobbler module for – I have a good feeling about this

Customers Are The Brand (new presentation) | mobileYouth – good presentation from Graham Brown on how the interaction between customers and brands have changed

LinkedIn hits 3 million members in the UK, eyes IPO in not so near future – it doesn’t seem that long ago that they were celebrating their millionth member in the UK.

Twitter’s stalled growth could spell bad news for Twitter ecosystem | VentureBeat – interesting read: am amazed that different companies data are lining up on this, usually there is a lack of correlation in data.

State of the Internet: Statistics Focus on Asia & Malaysia – Marketing Malaysia Blog – thanks to Rach for this compendium of stats.

1000heads: The Word of Mouth People » Dismissing the ‘digital native’ myth – “observations of various switched-on kids showed that they did not in fact behave online like self-exposing social media brats, but like regular children. Even though they produce and edit videos and photos online, much of their pleasure was in the process of production, not the product; some of them kept blogs and recordings on their phones just to play back to themselves, rather than publish. For many of them, social media is more an instrument of play than a self-conscious platform.”

Nokia N900 delayed due to massive demand | T3 magazine – most unbelievable headline of the year. Surely you would just start fulfilling orders in the order in which you had received them? Why didn’t the journalist probe a bit further? I had an eerie de ja vu moment reading this, it reminded me of a semiconductor client I used to have who would describe manufacturing problems as being due to ‘unprecedented demand’.

Why I Love Foursquare – GigaOM – 50 per cent growth month-on-month

Atari Battlezone – online – it brought my childhood back to me

Can Google Make Mobile Coupons Mainstream? – GigaOM

Perk Up, USA: You’ve Still Got Your Innovation Mojo | And How | Fast Company

Xbox Connection Funnels A Million New Subscribers To | paidContent