Christmas shopping

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Here’s some suggestions to blow your hard-earned cash on:


Apple MacBook Pro 13″ – Badass things some in small packages like Jack Russell terriers and AKB48, so the 13″ MacBook Pro is the ideal laptop to travel with, hook yourself up with the Matias Tactile Pro 3 keyboard for home typing goodness and a lack of RSI (repetitive strain injury).


Stussy retrospective collection Rasta jacket. The Japanese Stussy fans have got lucky with some classics being resurrected, my favourite is the Rasta varsity jacket which is feeling irie. I hope that they drop for European Stussy-heads in giant gaikokujin sizes, but somehow I think that’s too much to hope. Look on with envy here.

The New Balance 580 running shoe is an Asian trainer design classic. Now thanks to the lovely people at Crooked Tongues you can bust serious style on your feet. I’ve gone through a couple of sets and they are comfy like a Charles Eames recliner.


The Design Museum managed to get hold of deadstock Braun AB1 alarm clocks as part of the Dieter Rams exhibition, they seemed to have sold out on the site but there were still a few available in the museum shop when I was there. Once they are gone, they’re gone. If you can’t back one here, you can pay a fortune on eBay instead. Get your own piece of product design perfection.


The original submariner jumper. Remember all those David Lean films with lots of atmosphere about life on board a submarine filled with tension and so much British reserve and stiff upper lip that you’re surprised the actors didn’t implode? They also had great knitwear in them and now you can have the same jumper that the Royal Navy used to issue thanks to the nice people at Garbstore.