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Michelin star for cheap-eat canteen – Tim Ho Wan in Mong Kok, the most expensive dish is just 4GBP. I hope to visit here when I go out in January. Something to bear in mind next time a review comes up regarding Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley or Sketch.

Mark Payne (CIPayneWMPolice) on Twitter – interesting the way West Midland Police is using Twitter as a kind of customer service and informational channel.

Visa Electron to be phased out – good commentary on how Ryanair used Visa Electron card eligibility to stick to the letter of the ASA regulations regarding pricing in advertisements. I haven’t flown with them in a long time because you don’t know what the actual cost is.

Google Translate bookmarklet – a Google hack that isn’t well-known but absolutely invaluable for me in the past on international projects.

Fashion Vault – Hot designer sales exclusively for eBay members – eBay goes toe-to-toe with the sample and private sale luxury brand | fashion crowd. So far has included Hugo Boss

Koalas and Uzis: Managing Get Busy Committee at FISTFULAYEN – a howto for modern musicians

AR to Realize World of Science Fiction — Nikkei Electronics Asia — November 2009 – good overview of augmented reality

Most Searchers Use Three or More Keywords – The Steve Rubel Lifestream – As Steve Rubel points out this is likely being driven keyword suggestions, a feature that’s now the default for virtually every search engine and every browser. When I started on search it was just one-word, it shows a deceptively smart way that search engines have managed to move towards understanding their audience’s intent.

VOA Rating Manual Volume 5 – alongside the Digital Economy Bill, one of the reasons why Digital Britain is heading to the digital developing world rather than a bright new future

Cisco Internet Routing in Space (IRIS) – Industry Solutions – Cisco Systems – despite Cisco’s best efforts at destroying the coolness of this product with an embarassing video voiceover which would have made the Home Shopping Network proud coupled with a generic soft rock soundtrack, this is exceptionally cool as it means the start of ubiquitous broadband.

Summit Notebook » Blog Archive » What will the media company of the 21st Century look like? | Blogs | – Reuters goes crystal ball gazing with the rest of the industry

Chinese government to set-up VCs with private investors – interesting move to spur innovation.