Save the SL 1200: stop Technics killing an icon

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Turntable, originally uploaded by Mr Guep.

News around the web is that Panasonic the parent of Technics is going to kill the iconic Technics SL-1200 series of turntables. Originally designed in the early 1970s for karoake rooms their bulletproof construction and unique design features made them a crucual part of every DJ worth their salt.

They were a crucial piece of equipment without which rap music and mixed music the way we know it would not exist. It has evolved into the digital age with special vinyl being used to control the play of MP3s through software like Final Scratch.

I have set up a facebook group: Save the 1200: stop Technics killing an icon to allow people to give the machine the props it deserves. Stand up, be counted, show your support and demonstrate your creativity.