Links of the day

Do projects. – I love the simple design of this site, the typography including the mock road sign really appeals to me.

Zealotry sucks, and so does the Droid « DROIDIE – shocked at the basic product design fail on the battery hatch

Record Mania mix one.  Stockholm’s Record Mania staff got together to throw down a great eclectic mix (streaming only folks, but don’t let that put you off).

TelecomTV | Nokia “not prepared” for smartphone onslaught; could sell its handset business – Nokia may sell its handset division and become a mobile internet services business. Foxconn reckon that they have a good chance of getting Nokia’s handset manufacturing plants.

Study: Males vs. females in social networks | Royal Pingdom – great consumer behaviour datapoints

The Fall And Rise Of Media – VC Fred Wilson’s take on the David Carr New York Times article talking about how the media industry is reinventing itself

Microsoft Has No Plans To Fund A Google Boycott (MSFT, NWS, GOOG) – this could be just a bargaining position, but it wouldn’t be smart for Microsoft to be duped into a bidding war with Google by NewsCorp.

Social Media Today | Socialized Media: The Powerful Effects of Online Brand Interaction

I Have A Kindle Now. But I Won’t Read A Book On It. Discuss. – John Battelle’s Searchblog – interesting commentary on the social object nature of books and the fact that the Kindle is an ‘anti-social’ device

NTT Docomo Osaifu Keitai Celebrates a Milestone – I never ceased to be amazed at how NTT’s Keitai (mobile phone) payment system has got so ubiquitous and wide-ranging in the number of services that it provides