Links of the day

What Do Baby Boomers Want From Technology? – Bits Blog – – some interesting progmatic attitudes to tech

Vinyl Record Albums and Turntables Are Gaining Sales – – so why are Panasonic apparently getting rid of the Technics SL-1200 series? » Blog Archive » Social media and its global usage

Scotland Yard crackdown exposes Google’s flaws | Econsultancy – interesting article on black hat SEO

Turns Out Bing’s Share Gains May All Be From Toolbar Distribution Deals – interesting analysis of Bing traffic.

What is The Memex? Xerox Presents Trailmeme – reminds me a bit of Pearltree, interesting direction though

Study: people who buy counterfeit bags likely to buy real ones later Boing Boing

BBC – Digital Revolution Blog: Rushes Sequences – danah boyd interview – USA (Video) – good stuff from danah boyd on the persistence of the web.

Atlantic Community:Open Think Tank Article “A New Reality for the United States” – the rise of China means a new dynamic for US to navigate

Analyst challenges ISPs to prove ‘bandwidth hogs’ exist