Links of the day

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listimonkey | blankanvas – cool new tool in a potential post-Yahoo! Pipes world

UBS Media Week: WPP’s Sorrell: Google’s Fitter Than Ever For Mobile Push | paidContent – “When you boil it down, life is about China and the internet.”

Zeptotools; an iPhone App developer blog – The adventures of the Tokyo code cowboys, I love these guys and their ZeptoLiner app is a good enough reason alone to get the iPhone – China struggles to treat youth net addicts – interesting article on ‘internet addiction’.  It reminds me of early American youth reactions to rock n’ roll | Tech Blog | Google goes mobile, Microsoft follows the puck – It’s like watching Rocky, you know who is going to win, but its compelling watching the loser getting a pummelling before hitting the mat punch drunk into insensibility. | Tech Blog | Seagate finally goes solid-state with Pulsar – “SSDs will eat into Seagate’s high-end hard drive business, but their ability to access databases faster will lead to larger databases overall that need more archival information stored on cheaper disk drives, thereby growing the market for the traditional media.”

Report: Facebook Popularity Not Fading Among Young Users – shame.

Kenna, Jessica Biel and Social Media to Climb Kilimanjaro for Charity – really smart integrated campaign, this write up misses out the Lupe Fiasco ‘Enemy of The State‘ mixtape dropped at Thanksgiving which gives HP’s involvement a plug