I like: Simplex iPhone case

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There is something terribly impermanent about iPhone accessories. You know that there will be a new phone along with a subtly changed form-factor or feature that shafts your great looking case design, so I invested in a cheap but functional silicon case.

Factus Design

However the spangly goodness of the Simplex case by Japanese makers Factus Design Inc was too good not to share.  Its gorgeous shinyness is due to it being made of Duralumin: an aluminium-based alloy used in vintage aviation: old fighter planes and the structures of airships. Polished aluminium does have a high reflectivity but that is usually reduced because it forms a thin coat of protective oxide over its surface.

Then there is the nice design details, like the side loop for a screen cleaner or carrying strap, holes to lighten the case and the ability to fit lens like the bastard child of a Leica M8 and an Apple iPhone.