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What deux yeux have teux deux teuxday? – really nice web-based task list

Digital Economy Bill: Lords Want To Stamp Out Piracy Chasers | TorrentFreak – “The industry has been extremely slow to listen to the demands of its customers, and has had something of an abusive relationship with them, seeking to punish them before thinking of how to serve them better,” isn’t it supposed to be the Lords and not MPs that are supposed to be out of touch with modern life?

Apple Countersues Nokia for Copying iPhone Patents | AllThingsD – Key things here: Nokia tried to get Apple to cross licence all the iPhone patents holding back access to GSM and UMTS related licences which had been licenced to other firms under a less restrictive licence. Nokia now infringes on several Apple patents, only some of which are named in the case.

The surprisingly steep decline in world trade. – By Daniel Gross – Slate Magazine – interesting analysis about the decline in worldwide trade

Online brand reputation or social media listening software – a review of 26 tools : Dave Chaffey’s Right Touching Blog – A few I hadn’t heard of here.

apophenia: “Do you See What I See?: Visibility of Practices through Social Media”

What ‘Skins’ Reveals About Real Teens – Today’s Ypulse Youth Advisory post comes from Brazilian teen André Perez on the difference between American teen shows and those abroad. As always, you can communicate directly with any member of the Ypulse Youth Advisory Board by emailing them at

Amateur Economist: TAG Heuer In-House Movement Dust-Up – interesting social media FUBAR and recovery. Let’s face it if you are serious about the provenance of the guts in your watch TAG Heuer isn’t a brand you’d have considered

Study: Americans consume 34 gigabytes of information per day