Links of the day

YouTube – The Prodigy – You Tube Fan Video Guidelines – they may be a bit wordy (particularly in terms of the acknowledgement screen) but its a smart idea

City of God’s Son by Kenzo Digital – really interesting multimedia art project featuring Joe Bataan (of Salsoul fame), listening to Bataan’s version of The Bottle still sends shivers down my spine

Social Media in Asia (Slides) – interesting slide deck from Ogilvy

MoC spokesman: Exports won’t recover until 2011 – China Economic Review – China doesn’t think the West will be back up to speed until 2011 – The Cooking Encyclopedia Everyone Can Edit – crowdsourcing food recipes – Nokia, Samsung invest in touchscreen startup – text input firm kind of like the touchscreen equivalent of Nuance’s T9

Design Council viral Christmas card – I really like this especially the ‘brief’, client feedback and interactivity

Credit card defaulters could face jail sentence – China Economic Review

Rebuilding the American dream interview with Pete Peters – McKinsey Quarterly – looks forward—sharing his ideas on deficit reduction, changes in private equity, the fate of the dollar, and how to rebuild the US economy for future generations.

Bruce Lee Philosophy – Applying my dad’s philosophies | The Official Bruce Lee Blog