Links of the day

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Eurostar PR disaster fails Web2.0 communication test : PR Disasters – its absolutely delicious, an easy-to-create case study for next year

iPhone Sews Up Nearly Half of Japan’s Smartphone Market | Fast Company – interesting analysis on the iPhone’s success in Japan

The networked boomer woman: hear her roar by Mya Frazier | – Older women are using online communities and connections in a way usually associated with Gen X & Y. Welcome to the mainstream

Cutting through the social media clutter by Josh Ingram | Interbrand – asking some of the smart questions at a corporate level about social media measurement | RoE | RoI (downloadable PDF)

In mobile phone journalism, Africa is ahead of the west |

YouTube – Secret History of Silicon Valley – Steve Blank takes Silicon Valley back to the military industrial complex of WWII

The Pitch HK: Chui Sui Central: Young, impressionable and cool: The new PR – Text 100’s Jeremy Woolf laments the departure of PR people into social media specialist organisations. Welcome to the future.

One in five pounds to be spent online by 2020 – Brand Republic – up from 1 in 13. What does this mean for retail and commercial property, infrastructure and logistic? What will it mean to live in a city or town any more?