Links of the day

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Gen-Y Women Respond to Interactive, Non-Intrusive Campaigns – and apparently most influential group in marketing to women

Driven to Distraction, Some Teenagers Unfriend Facebook – – social fatigue, reminds me of the RSS fatigue I heard about a number of years ago.

James Cameron and Peter Jackson on making films in the age of technology. – Slate Magazine – key takeout here: the film industry is in non-technologically related trouble and technology won’t bail it out, smarts will

Social Media Today | Earned Media Is Fueled By Engagement Marketing – John Cass breaks down some of Forrester latest thinking so we don’t have to

Asiajin » Japanese Red Cross Promotes Blood Donation By Augmented Reality – a case study for the next online healthcare comms course I’ll be running for sure

Tiger Woods PR ignores social media & fans – Going Social Now – Razorfish’s Shiv Singh gives his tuppence on the Tiger Woods train wreck

Mobile Winners and Losers: Predictions for 2010 — Seeking Alpha – Dean Bubley casts his eye over the online landscape