Links of the day

Household PC use swells to 76% – Hong Kong has a home internet penetration of 73.3 per cent

Whole Foods Launches Resolution Facebook Application – smart thinking which fits in with Whole Foods brand proposition really well.

Video: SMCKL#2 Steve Rubel – Social Media Club * Kuala LumpurRachel flagged up this video of Steve Rubel presenting by teleconference his age of streams hypothesis

Otamatone demo video~明和電機 社長ブログ~: これが オタマトーンの 演奏方法だ! – this is just the best I love the Star-Spangled banner rendition at the end.

New Adidas Line Brings ‘Augmented Reality’ to Your Kicks – interesting angle here

Demi Moore’s lawyers threaten Boing Boing over photo analysis blog post Boing Boing – given that Ashton Kutcher is so switched on regarding social media, I am really surprised he would let Demi Moore make this big a mistake.

Sprixi – handy creative commons image search engine

How Tiger Woods Destroyed $12 Billion of Stock-Market Value – WSJ – bit of a tenuous link here, but what a great story

Forbes: A Year In Review: 2009 Social Marketing Trends « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing

MediaPost Publications This Generation’s Got Radio 12/24/2009 – iPod less popular than thought, probably due to commuting by car and that iPods aren’t allowed in many place of work

The decade when we became too connected – I remember then 3Com CEO Eric Benhamou talking about the problem of consumers being overconnected back in 1999 at Network+InterOp. Each time we find away around it, the history of information overload goes back at least four decades

Retail outlook: Discounters best poised to thrive – – US is seeing discounters thrive as well

MediaPost Publications Urban Youth Are Unhooking Brand Tether 12/24/2009 – interesting article on how the recession has changed the way young people ‘use’ brands and have become more value-orientated

Google Seeks to Help Children Search Better –

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