Amazon’s Kindle: the jury is still out

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I had blogged about the Kindle’s Christmas earlier so a posting by Nick Farrell over at The Inquirer caught my eye. The post aggregated some interesting data via CNet about the love that Kindle users have for free content. Farrell considers that this is because the costs of books are kept artificially high by Amazon to substitute revenues from paper sales.

The free content is comprised of public domain classic content. I used to use iSilo on Palm and Nokia devices via Munseys (formerly Black Mask). I wasn’t prepared to get premium content to read on the tube, it was disposable like the Metro newspaper.

Secondly, a lot of public domain content is great content.

This may not be the case with the Kindle, the customer’s relationship with the device is different to my relationship with a PDA or smartphone because of its size, but free public domain content provides a great low risk set of ‘training wheels’ at the start of their relationship with the Kindle.

I don’t see the book spend issue as a defeat of the Kindle business model yet, I think that the jury is still out.