I like: Vintage 7-Eleven workshirt

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I saw this shirt on eBay and it reminded me of The Graduate. Its mix of modernity, tension around conformity for many people and existentialism summed up the 1960s.

Guests: We’re all so proud of you, proud, proud, proud, proud, proud, proud, proud. What are you going to do now?
Ben: I was going to go upstairs for a minute.
Guests: I meant with your future, your life.
Ben: Well, that’s a little hard to say.

Vintage 7eleven shirt

You can see how the modernity (and counter-culture) influenced this shirt with its bright orange spots almost moving before your eyes. It’s even made of wonder fabric polyester. Yet, it is the very soul of conformity; the uniform of a convenience store worker.

Nowadays, I don’t think that much time would be spent on aesthetics by the likes of 7-Eleven. Let’s hope that 2010, brings a glimmer of the bright hope that 60’s modernity promised.