Links of the day

Loving Mother’s Christmas video: a nice take on the 419 scam. Thanks to Pat Law for flagging this up

apophenia: Race and Social Network Sites: Putting Facebook’s Data in Context – danah boyd on Facebook user patterns

At Microsoft, is age more than just a number? | – Microsoft is worried about attracting new talent

People’s Processor: Embrace China’s Homegrown Computer Chips | Wired – Imagine that your nation is entirely dependent on a belligerent and economically unstable foreign country for a precious commodity. Imagine that without that commodity, your entire society would grind to a halt. Got it? OK, now imagine that your nation is China, the belligerent nation is the US, and the commodity is CPUs.

LinkedIn Wants Users to Connect More – – LinkedIn is “not really a community as much as a collection” of names, said Brigantine Advisors analyst Colin Gillis. “They are definitely in danger of losing the business-networking market.” Having worked with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner in the past at Yahoo!, I know he has the smarts, the big question is how LinkedIn will execute

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