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Report: VMware to buy Yahoo!’s Zimbra unit (Dealscape – Technology) – Bartz sells the future in an illusory effort to buy the present. I suspect it will go for less than the 100M USD blown on the third-rate advertising campaign last year. Zimbra originally cost 350M USD

The Future of Reading: Don’t worry. It might be better than you think. – 1/1/2010 – School Library Journal – interesting article about internet-based books (not e-books)

TuneChecker – Compare Cheap MP3 download single and album prices

ICOMP – Home – sketchy Microsoft-sponsored front group against Google. Burson Marsteller and Wunderman helping out. Interesting that Foundem is getting so much air-time for a story that experts think is rubbish

Specsavers creates comedy blind sperm film – Brand Republic – simple execution, though I wonder if SpecSavers locking on to the youth market for this is a smart move?

Advertising Comes After Relationships – as a catalyst that feeds owned media and creates earned media

Sleep Cycle iPhone App VS WakeMate Bracelet

George Peckham (”A Porky Prime Cut”) Interview « blog to the oldskool – A Porky Prime Cut used to adorn the middle of many vinyl records.

Media Cache – A Second Stab at Convergence – NYTimes.comFor consumers, convergence has been at the least confusing. At the start of the past decade, they could confidently leave their homes with just their wallets, keys and mobile phones; now they often feel the need to clutter their briefcases with iPods, iPhones, BlackBerrys, netbooks, e-book readers and other gadgets, too. | Warfighting: The US Marine Corps on agility – interesting take on dealing with chaotic times

Peering into MySpace’s collective consciousness with real-time search | VentureBeat

Using social network analysis to rank blogs « Much ado about nowt – the approach is more interesting in many ways than the data and the conclusions that Tim comes to

Double-dip recession forecast by big firms | The Japan Times Online – many Japanese large corporates surveyed expecting a double-dip recession, so we are not out of the woods yet.

3 thoughts on “Links of the day

  1. “I suspect it will go for less than the 100M USD blown on the third-rate advertising campaign last year.” – ouch! ged, you sound like me…I am supposed to be the bitter, critical one about Yahoo! wasting money on disjointed ad campaigns. Welcome…

  2. Disappointed rather than cynical Salim:
    – Seems to be a lack of awareness of the importance of platforms & the talent to build them
    – Over-reliance on display advertising
    – Nothing in the core business that Conde Naste or the New York Times couldn’t do now
    Y! did need a brand campaign, but one that:
    – Wasn’t disliked by consumers (there’s research to back that up available online:
    – Gives users a reason to trial Y!
    – Tells personal stories
    – Does not nuke y!our brand in the process

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