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Nokia’s Million-dollar Challenge to Developers – GigaOM

Let’s Get Real: Why The Reporting On 3D TV Is Mostly Hype | paidContent – glad to see that a number of people think this.

Keep developing the Brain as you get older – Consider different viewpoints – NY Times article – busterbuster’s posterous

Do cheap rentals hurt DVD sales? We may soon find out | Econsultancy

Brandchannel | Glaxo Bankrolls Film To Whet Appetites For Weight-Loss Drug Alli

Brandchannel | Axel To Build “Heterofriendly” Hotels In US – interesting brand proposition in the travel sector

Anxious Yahoo BOSS Developers To Speak With DOJ About Microsoft Deal – panicked vague assurances from Yahoo! to try and head off DoJ investigation

Followbase: A Twitter CRM Starter Kit – interesting looking tool

User Content Creation Around the World – eMarketer – market maturity affects behaviour

SelenaChanLive – Selena has started a good blog with interesting social media tidbits taken from around the way

The Age of Media Agnosticism – The Steve Rubel Lifestream – Americans are adapting their habits and becoming less loyal to general sources than ever before, and why engaged companies can still find relevance in social spaces and influence their stakeholders in this Age of Media Agnosticism.

MediaPost Publications Smartphone Purchasing Behaviors Differ by Device 01/07/2010