Iris Robinson and off-network social media

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BBC Radio 4 had a couple of journalists in the studio discussing the Iris Robinson scandal which has captivated Northern Ireland news over the past couple of weeks.

What I found particularly interesting about the story was that one of the journalists said he doubted the Robinson’s political careers would survive: not because of the media; but because of the amount of joke texts, emails and audience requests to radio stations to repeatedly play Simon & Garfunkel’s Mrs Robinson.

There are slideshows put together on YouTube which poke fun at the situation with the Simon & Garfunkel track as the backdrop that bloggers and commentators had referenced as a form of political satire.

However, whilst Facebook has a great deal of social power, it is the more analogue techniques that have proven to be more popular in Northern Ireland itself.

Iris Robinson has determined detractors in the UK LGBT community who have been using Facebook to maximise the Robinson family’s embarrassment. So this will run-and-run for a long time yet, even if the Robinson’s leave political life completely.