Taking your name in vain

Imagine if you set up your own company and you named after yourself because you signed all your work. Over time your signature became the most valuable design asset of the company. Over time you decide that you want to take some of your hard earned cash, take time out and do the stuff that you actually enjoy. You leave your business, having been bought out.

However, you then have the problem of seeing your name plastered over absolute tat.

taking your name in vain

Welcome to Shawn Stussy’s world. I am a big Stussy fan and it is a rare season where I don’t buy something from their collection, but some of the stuff is pretty ropey and I sympathise with Shawn Stussy’s predicament; which is why I look forward to seeing what his new venture S-Double Studios will come out of the trap with.

2 Replies to “Taking your name in vain”

  1. its a f**king bearbrick for christs sake. there is enough stupid sh*t going on in the world that is more important. lets not take everything so serious. As far as shawn…tough sh*t…that’s what he gets for lacking foresight that one day his name might be used for something dumb. its a business name that he agreed to selling. he sounds like he has salty balls. what the hell has he contributed since anyways?
    maybe he should change his name entirely and move the f**k on with his bad self.

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