Links of the day

Yahoo Study Suggests Web Display Ads Ineffective With Younger People | Peter Kafka | MediaMemo | AllThingsD – given that Yahoo!’s business relies on a substantial amount of display ads, I am not surprised that they are paying attention right now.

Friendster Strikes Deal With Yahoo Southeast Asia

Is Twitter Flattening? A Short Answer – more people using the clients than the web portal. Foursquare a major driver

HK Startup Summary 2009 : China Web Radar – much more than I was expecting, Hong Kong has an undeserved reputation as a digital wasteland

Masters of Media » Future Reflections: An interview with Bruce Sterling – great stuff here

Military Times Gear Scout – Unsanctioned exhibitors run out of town by CES trade show organizers – the CEA (CES’ parent association) dropped the ban hammer and managed to get a bunch of unsanctioned exhibitors booted from their bought-and-paid-for suites and hotel rooms. That’s going to screw start-ups if other exhibition firms follow suit

Barclays loses millions on bad loan as Latitude goes into administration – what does this mean for the health of the search marketing business in the UK?

Google Could Be Granted Copyright Immunity In UK Law | paidContent

DigitalAgency: Google Plans to Upgrade Old Billboards in Street View

Yahoo Combines Shopping Service With PriceGrabber | paidContent – the unwinding continues. What happened to the tech behind Kelkoo being bought for shopping?

Opinion: China’s booming Green Revolution – San Jose Mercury News – China is focused on alternative energy and green infrastructure to ensure that it is ready for the future

Should the world fear Britain’s anti-piracy plans? – why the Digital Economy Bill is a bad piece of legislation part 267

A cautionary tale on Yahoo!’s potential API legacies | :Ben Metcalfe Blog – we are facing the dark ages of web 2.0. It makes me wonder about the anti-trust implications around consumer interest and the innovation eco-system reliant on Yahoo!’s APIs.

McDonald’s Secret Recipe For Success: Nostalgia – How fast food restaurants could market healthier fare to teens and college students (hint: think of their wallets and taste buds and forget the calorie counts)

Nokia reportedly to halve accessory suppliers, say sources – largest network of medical professionals – interesting app, they moved away from physican only content to get around the limitations of the iTunes App store

Pharma Marketing Blog: The Trouble with YouTube: YAZ Case Study – errant ‘related videos’ prove to be problematic