Interesting consumer health advertising campaign

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Whilst traveling on Hong Kong’s MTR service I noticed an advert for some sort of baby food-related product from Wyeth. The reason why I sound a bit vague at this point is that I can’t read or speak any Chinese dialect.

The one bit of the advert that stood out for me was a brief clip at the end of the video being screened where a search box appeared and ‘biofactors’ was typed in.

I got back home and tried the search term using Google’s Hong Kong search engine front page , I have taken a screenshot of the SERP (search engine results page) below. Wyeth used Google Adwords to get the number one paid position on the page.

biofactors Google SERP

Clicking on this link takes you through to a local product site.

Wyeth Gold product site

This approach had a number of advantages:

  • Wyeth was able to maximise brand engagement with consumers who had seen the ad, by giving them just one thing to remember: the search term
  • Wyeth is able to use the search click-through rate as a proxy for the brand recall, efficiency and effectiveness of the adverts
  • Wyeth was able to have a cost-effective online advertising strategy by narrowing down the list of keywords which they needed to bid against and make the maximum use of a low value keyword rather than higher-priced generic words