Apple financials

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I caught up with the Apple Inc. earnings announcement first thing this morning my time. I found it nigh impossible to get a quarter-on-quarter comparison mainly because the media weren’t sure what the numbers meant with the accounting change so just went with the big topline number. That overseas now counts for almost 60 per cent of Apple sales didn’t surprise me.

In the UK, I have anecdotal evidence of increasing Mac adoption. Even longtime PROs who had worked on the Microsoft business and ‘knew’ the Windows advantage inside out had succumbed.

The iPhone seems to be much more prevalent in Shenzhen with consumers than the Tim Cook numbers indicate, mainly because of Hong Kong grey market imports; though there is also no shortage of shanzhai devices on offer if you care to look. The story is pretty much the same with Mac laptops. The illuminated logo on the lid is becoming a more common site, compared to the last time I was in China and Hong Kong.