Links of the day

Reckoning with Chinese Gen Y – BusinessWeek – interesting take on how consumer behaviour in China is and isn’t changing

American Science & Surplus : Items Just Off the Truck – design and kitsch ideas here

How US consumer spending is changing – McKinsey Quarterly – long lasting conservative consumption patterns

Japan’s luxury shoppers move on – McKinsey Quarterly – luxury brands suffer as consumers develop their own style and other brands compete on quality and value with them

Common Currency Woes: European Union Sees Threats to the Euro – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International – ‘many analysts are now warning that it may be in for a long slide. Some are even concerned that the cohesiveness of the euro zone might be endangered altogether — with the European Union itself chief among the worry-warts’

A consumer paradigm for China – McKinsey Quarterly – Economic Studies – Country Reports – interesting stuff here on the Chinese marketplace

The myth of the Sony ‘kill switch’ – Telegraph – you couldn’t make this up if you wanted to

Economics backs net neutrality, say researchers | Pinsent Masons LLP
Macro-lighting source – Brando have done a great job with this cheapy cheap ring flash for macro-photography

TMT WALLETS – interesting product design which reminds me of Rhinoskin in the early noughties, in terms of the product ethos

BBC – A History of the World – Object Gallery – I love this new site by the BBC and The British Museum. Great way of visually presenting history

Communities Dominate Brands: Major milestone has passed, over half of internet access is now from mobile (says Nokia) – interesting numbers, would love to know how it breaks out by region etc

Nokia sets Maps free – this was a long time coming, however if the maps are on the handset rather than in the cloud it could be a boon for roaming charges

Music industry meltdown – post-Midem blog post by Forrester Research – ‘Value chains are shifting. The music industry will have to look more and more to new entrants as business partners. The good news is that brands and product strategists expect to invest more money in digital music in 2010 than they did in 2009’

McDonald’s Texas Burger | Japan Probe – I can’t understand the phenomena of McDonalds in Japan, but apparently these are doing crazy business: thanks to Junko for sharing