Talking iPads

Reading Time: < 1 minute

I was chatting about the iPad after catching up with the news that happened overnight my time. One viewpoint i found particularly interesting.

“An iPad would be good for a woman. It is small, stylish, easy and light to carry, you don’t need to bring a laptop with you travelling any more; you can just pop this in your back. I may get rid of my MacBook Pro; get an iPad and use my iMac at home.”

Is the iPad a big girl’s laptop? Secondly, will it cannibalise the Mac notebook market? I for one will be sticking with my 13″ MacBook Pro, but will it be the same for more casual users?

I found the accessories a bit disappointing: the keyboard doesn’t look particularly portable and the case just doesn’t look that “Apple-ly”.  One thing I am absolutely certain of however is that the iPad will not save print media titans.